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Horror Flix Review

"The Ruins" , directed by Carter Smith, was released on April 4, 2008.
I went to see it on that night with three people.
The theater, to my surprise, was packed. Then again, on opening night this is probably normal.

To meet my expectations, it was initially boring, predictable, and slow.
Then it picked up, and everything went downhill, which is exaclty how it should go.

To be blunt, three college kids in Mexico during break agree to visit ancient ruins
with another tourist they barely know in a place that's not on a map. They get lost. Shit happens.

And it was delightfully terrifying.

The special effects in the film were remarkable. The acting was gut-wrenching. The gore was just enough: barely tolerable.

Of course, the events of the plot are twisted around and the characters have been reassigned their roles.
What I mean by this is that this film is an adaptation of the novel by Scott B. Smith.

Did it make the story more interesting? Subjective.

Would I recommend the film? Oh yes.

I repeat, the story is quite predictable but paced perfectly.

(And yes, the film is nearly a year old. I will review Saw V next time :s)


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