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Hatchet (2006)

"Hatchet" is pretty much a return to those old school stalk and slash movies that were so much fun to get loaded during in the 80's. The opening scene is killer diller and crock-tastic (and has a great old horror movie guy in a guest shot) but then you have to wait a bit so you can meet the cast and get some plot going on until it picks up.

Once it does it really starts to kick ass!

Some college dudes are taking a break in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Most of them are into drinking and barfing and being stupid and pissing in the street and getting laid except for a guy who got dumped by his fave rave girl and just can't get over it. He decides to take a boat tour of famous ghoulish landmarks in a swamp. His wise ass black buddy goes with him.

Bad move for both!

There's a crazy with a hatchet (hence the title, right?) running around hacking folks up!

Do you love bad movies that are actually funny? Like to see folks get killed in really bloody ways? Are you into gratuitous naked tits? Well, go nuts, kids! This movie's got it all! Drink lots o' shots and beers and groove on this hunk of cheese! I was laughing and cringing and then laughing again through this whole thing.

Let me just tell you this:

If you're the type of person who would love to see Joel Murray get his head popped off by a maniac (not that that's a bad thing) then "Hatchet" just might be the movie for you.
Tags: ax murder, gore, stalk and slash

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