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horror_flix's Journal

Horror Flix
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Horror movie reviews
Welcome to Horror Flix.

If you are under the legal age to see either R rated or unrated movies where you live please go somewhere else. We hold no responsibility if these movies or our reviews of these movies make you go insane, start drinking and smoking, drive like a maniac, vote for the left, dress funny, shirk your duties either at home or your workplace, become a creep or a jerkwad, hang out with a "Bad Crowd", have nightmares, kill people, kill yourself, blow off your homework, drop out, or strip naked and howl at the moon. In fact we hold no responsibility for anything that happens to you by your reading or viewing what is contained in this journal.


If you ARE of legal age and would like to post reviews here the rules are as follows:

1) Keep it about horror movies. Sure, there's a gray area here so you're pretty much on your own. However, pure science fiction and/or fantasy movies don't really have a place here. You know, movies like Star Wars, The Matrix, or Lord Of The Rings. If you'd like a place to review those movies make one.

2) Post large pictures (if you just CAN'T get your point across without them) behind a cut.

3) Don't be no major spoiler.

4) Don't be a dick (or a bitch). If somebody doesn't agree with you let it slide. It's not like they've blown up your car or anything. We're dealing with pixels here, okay?

5) Nobody gives a damn about your spam, fliers, notices, penis, and/or kids. Find somewhere else for that stuff.

6) Stay off the moors.

That's about it so far. Just have fun. Grab a beer or something and we'll see you inside.

And be sure to use a coaster. The maid gets real pissed off if she finds a ring on the coffee table.